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18th Annual Spotlight Awards Crown Red Sky Mary Best Rock Band

Over the weekend, The Spotlight Awards took place down at The Music Hall in Portsmouth. Winning Best Rock Band and People's Choice for Favorite Band was none other than our classmates of Red Sky Mary.

I usually don't get too into hard rock but these boys never dissapoint. Enjoy their latest music video, Skies On Fire, which is a crowd favorite and a favorite to perform.

Other highlights from the evening:

Best Chef was Ben Hasty of When Pig's Fly Pizzeria -- Next date night?

Best Play was Streetcar Named Desire done at Players' Ring

Album of the Year was Tan Vampires with For Physical Fitness -- Inspiration for a new playlist?

Best 3D Artist was William Brayton

Best Photographer was Michael Winters -- Potential guy to take those grad photos?

Catch the complete list and photo gallery on


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