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Weekend Jump Off: NH Seacoast 4/12-4/15

In one month, we will all be taking finals. Reason enough to start celebrating now in my book. Here's what's going on so you can get rowdy before hitting the books.

Thursday: Go say hey to the kids in Alpha Chi Sigma, the chemistry fraternity, at one of the tables by Union Court. They're selling tee-shirts and shots glasses as a fundraiser until 4pm today. And since they're all smart about science-y things, there are usually some sweet displays at their tables.

As usual, the Stone Church is hosting their weekly rager "Bounce." With DJs from Miami and Houston, it should be quite the dance party. UNH students, 21+, get in for free before 10pm with their IDs and can enjoy $3 electric lemonades. 

Friday: Happy Friday the 13th!

You may think Boston is a bit far, but it really is hardly an hour away. For a Basket Pong tournament, it's definitely worth the drive. Plus you can't go wrong since it's put on by all the awesome people at SUMO! The winner gets a $100 prize and their own basket pong.Or stay close and go into Exeter for The Screen, Supermachine, and Red Sky Mary at  Shooters Pub. It's 21+ and only $5 to see all three bands.

Saturday: Down at the barns, the CREAM and Dairy Club are hosting an open house from noon to 5pm. You can milk a cow, learn about the animals. and there will be a bake sale. Cows are really cute even if it does kind of smell odd over there.

In The Met @ The Music Hall series, La Traviata will be performed at 1pm for $27.50. This production of Verdi's first violetta at the Met piece stars Natalie Dessay.

Sunday: As you all should know by now, I love Timeflies. Whenever they come somewhere in the general tri-state area I am compelled to shamelessly plug their show. Therefore, go to Salem State in MA at 8pm on Sunday to see them for just $22! They're opening for Gym Class Heroes which is kind of a big deal because GCH are so great. Maybe there will even be a duet-type performance of "Ass Back Home" since it was done for one Timeflies Tuesday..? A girl can dream.

But if you can't make the show, head down to Lafayette Road to Jittos for 1/2 priced appetizers from 3pm to 7pm before you hole up in the library to finish all the work you didn't touch this weekend.


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