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Saving The World With Oxfam UNH

Thursday night UNH's very own branch of Oxfam held the wildly successful event The Hunger Banquet. The student run organization simulated the issues of hunger and status on a global scale, drawing attention to the unequal wealth distribution. If you got a lower card, you received less food, and if you got one of the few higher status cards, you were fed pretty well. 

Senior, Allie Kovalik, has been involved with the group since the first days of freshman year, when there were only half a dozen other members. Currently the meetings consist of 15 to 20 students who are all passionate about finding "lasting soultions to poverty, homelessness, and social injustice."

"It's not so far away from us... If it's not tangible than it's hard to care" explains Kovalik. So they make it real and they make it local.

The group is small enough to be close but big enough to get a lot done. Many have backgrounds in sociology, social work, and similar majors. Kovalik included. "If I'm in a position to help someone, why wouldn't I?"

All the events are funded by donations, volunteers, help from Oxfam America, and sometimes SAFC. 

You can donate to the organization on the site in a couple ways; with a simple monetary donation or by sending a gift to a group. But if you'd like to get closer to the action, be at MUB room 338 at 6:30pm on Thursday for the Oxfam UNH meetings. Kovalik and the group also encourage people to meet them at HoCo at 5:30 before the actual meeting; it's important to get to know each other outside of the serious stuff.


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