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Resumes, Internships, Study Abroad, Oh My!

Life after college looks like it will be a scary place. Most of you have been in school for over a decade straight, some of you will keep going. If the end of your academic road is upon you, UNH has got some neccessary workshops for students to check out.

Resume Review

In the top floor of the MUB, rooms 334 and 336, the University Advising and Career Center is having a Resume Review Day. From 1pm to 3:30pm today you can have one of the many employers on hand, from companies like Target to Fidelity Investments, go over your resume. They will provide you with advice without even having an appointment. Go make some facetime with the big shots and learn things while you're at it.

Careers and Intenships

A week from today, some of the same employers and many more will be in the GSR from noon to 4pm. If you are in the College of Liberal Arts, you may be in luck. Most of the companies have expressed interest in working with students from the field. This is also hosted by the University Advising and Career Center so email,, or call them, 603-862-2064, with your questions.

Study Abroad

If you can go to school in another country, do it. One of the oldest schools in the world, Cambridge, hosts students each summer. There are courses, travel, art and all these other fancy things exclusive to England. Attend the last info session tonight at 7pm in Murkland 201 if you want to experience it first hand. Email this afternoon to reserve a seat.

Go to all of these if you can. I'll see you out there on the job hunt.


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