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Help A Dog In Need At The NHSPCA

Here at SUMO, we love puppies. So what better to way to extend that love than to volunteer at the New Hampshire Society for the Protection of Animals

They have spots for volunteers in customer service, helping with events, and doing administrative work as well as working with the animals. Every couple of weeks, training sessions for volunteers are held so you can become involved at any time.

The adoption center is open Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 4pm, then on Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 7pm. The doggies and kitties and bunnies are all so freakin adorable you have to stop by to see them. Located right off 108 in Stratham, it's not even half an hour from campus.

Do something good this weekend and visit the little furry guys. You're gaurenteed to fall in love. And for those who do find they can't go home without their new friend, adoption fees are half off until the 29th! That means you can get a dog for real cheap. 

Woof. Count me in.


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