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Lambda Chi Alpha: Bringing Clothes To UNH And Food To The Shelters

For the fifth year, our UNH chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha is hosting their clothing sale. From Banana Repbulic dress pants to some Juicy Couture sweat suits for the ladies, and some North Face fleeces to American Eagle button ups for the fellas, it's all here for up to 80% off.

The national chapter was established in 1909, and less than a decade later our local chapter was established. Since 1918, Lambda Chi Alpha has not once been unrecognized. Ninety-four years is a record no fraternity here at UNH can beat.

Treasurer Richard Kennedy joined while studying community leadership at The Thompson School. With a focus on charity, non profits, and community development, it only makes sense he'd be involved with the community service based group.

"I was looking for an organization but I found a brotherhood" says Kennedy. The seven pillars of loyalty, respect, duty, integrity, honor, service and stewardship, and personal courage have brought much more guys into the Greek organization than when Kennedy rushed.

And these guys have helped keep the coveted clothing sale a bi-annual event. Each fall the brothers donate the profits from the previous spring and the current semester to the National Food Drive. Last year around $1500 was sent to the local food pantry, St. Thomas More, under the philanthropy's name.

Donate to the cause by buying some clothes. Easy enough, right? Just head to the Granite State Room in the MUB before 5:30pm.


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