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Lynch Prepares To Defend Gay Marriage

This story is a few days old, but an important one nonetheless.  Currently there are two bills in the legislature this year, HB 437 and HB 1264, that would repeal the law legalizing gay marriage in New Hampshire.  According to, though, Governor John Lynch stated that "New Hampshire has a long and proud tradition of fighting for the rights of all people. And a tradition of leaving people alone to pursue their own happiness. As Governor, I intend to uphold that centuries-old tradition. I will stand firm against any legislation that would strip any of our citizens of their civil rights.”

To that I say, good for you John Lynch.  For a long time people have thought of Lynch as being a sort of placeholder governor, but it's stuff like this that at least lets people know that you intend to take a stand on certain issues that affect our state.  Even if your smile does look like there's toothpicks in your mouth.


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