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Behind The Music Video: Munro Video & Cato

A lot of time is spent focusing on people in front of the cameras, but let’s take a step back and check out the person behind the camera of Cato’s latest music video, GGAT.

Alex Munro studied at Perpich Arts High School instead of attending your standard high school. Those years were also spent in a metal band which brought Munro to the conclusion that his “heart really isn’t into making the music.”

“With my video skills, I feel like I have a lot more to offer the music scene… The more experimental the music is, the more freedom I have when editing it… I sought out experimental, electronic musicians who could provide me with a base for my more personal pieces. I started to explore the possibilities of video and how the material of the pixels can be manipulated and distorted in many ways.”

Munro has edited his way from his middle school’s “video hustler who made everyone’s videos for their Spanish class homework” to studying film at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Working as a freelance video artist under the label Munro Video, his work ranges from his current project of a local high school’s robotics team to photographing and filming bands.

He started small but last summer got a chance to work with those in the big leagues at Sammy Adams’ show. It was there at First Avenue in Minneapolis that Cato and Munro were set up to work together. And here they are, months later, still going strong.

“[Cato and I] shot the first part [of GGAT] with Cato on the green screen and then later had Darian Johnson, Herb Johnson, and Vinny Balbo come in and do the dance portion of the video... When it came to exporting the project, I ended up having to use seven computers and export different parts on each computer as TIFF images and then compile it together which took over a week” explains Munro.

“There are countless routes that you can take with video, so I feel like it's my job to bring light to the unexplored areas that deserve more attention.” Check out how he explores the latest video technology on his site,


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