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Titanic II: Safer Because Global Warming Has Caused Icebergs To Melt

Mr. Clive Palmer, Aussie billionaire, has decided to allow history a chance to repeat itself with Titanic II. This will be "the safest cruise ship in the world and have more than enough lifeboats" according to NPR reporter Mark Memmott.

Photo from

The Chinese designer Markku Kanerva unveiled his image of the ship and the similarities/differences to the original.

It will be the same in the sense that each passenger will have a ticket that allocates them to a sector of the ship based on class, all passengers are given clothing that was worn during the time period of the Titanic's one and only voyage, there won't be internet or cable, BUT there will be air conditioning.

The major difference will be that there are enough lifeboats for everyone. What a crazy thought! Good for you, Mr. Palmer, you're one step ahead of the game already. 

Check out some more photos and videos from The Daily Mail. Leo & Kate aren't in any, but I'm sure they've had their tickets for weeks now.


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