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The Skinny On: Wiz Khalifa's Cabin Fever 2

Cabin Fever 2, Wiz Khalifa's latest project, has been out for almost a week now. His first mixtape was released back in 2005, Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania, but he started getting most of his hype with his full album, Rolling Papers, during the spring of 2011.

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Cabin Fever 2 features a bunch of the guys from his older releases such as, French Montana and Chevy Woods. There are great pump up jams like "MIA", "I'm Feelin", and "100 Bottles" with catchy hooks and Wiz's perfectly metered verses. But the more chilled out side of Wiz comes through in "Deep Sleep" and "Bout That". And since I'm a huge fan of artists who allude to their previous works, "Bout Me" and "Nothin Like the Rest" have some great lines.

I'm certainly no Wiz expert but I do have a good amount of old tracks and new ones. These new ones are a great mixture of chorus-friendly songs with your classic hip-hop feel to it. Nothing is too club crazy but nothing is too boring or redundant either. Overall, a solid set of tracks to hold us over until O.N.I.F.C. comes out on December 4th.



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