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Australian Sprinter Michelle Jenneke Has The Sexiest Warm Up Ever (VIDEO)

America was almost a sure thing for the "Sexiest Sprinter Awards" with Lolo Jones but after watching this video of Australian Michelle Jenneke, I've completely forgot about Jones.

Jenneke is a hurdles sprinter for Australia, who has a very strange pre-run warm up. Where most sprinters are focused, and poised with concentration, Jenneke's pre-run warm up consists of a seriously sexy (and fun) dance routine.

Granted I'm sure this dance is designed by the worlds best coaches to losen her muscles and get them ready to perform but God damn is it sexy. I also like how the entire time she got the biggest smile on her face. Even after she crushes everyone in the 100m she still has this cute little innocent smile. What a badass.

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Calling it right now, sexiest warm up of the London Olympics.


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