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Transformers Wine Rack Robot Hits Craigslist

Is this an industrial wine rack or the least subtle Transformers robot ever? You decide.

If you are shopping for dorm décor for next semester, here is something to add to your wish list – a half ton, six foot wine rack robot. Being sold on Craigslist, this one-of-a-kind wine-bot (made from Ford transmission parts) can be all yours for the bottom-dollar price of $7000.

Over 32 bottles can be stored (so stock up on your peanut butter and jelly vodka!). Clifford Wong, a 33-year old lighting salesperson, can be credited with creating the Terminator  the wine rack robot.

Unfortunately (or luckily), Mr. Roboto cannot move, but does have some flashy blue LED lights that will surely terrify tipsy and sober party guests alike.

[via CNET]


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