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Ex-NFL Player Wade Davis Speaks About Being Gay In The NFL

Wade Davis wasn't a player that sold out stadiums or had major endorsement deals, but Davis is taking on his own challenges and is speaking out about being gay in the NFL.

Davis, 34 and retired, spent several years bouncing between the Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, and the Washington Redskins. Davis never made it to the big leagues, only playing several pre-season games through his short American career. Davis even won a championship with Berlin in NFL Europe but not once did he tell anyone he was gay.

It wasn't until recently that he came out of the closet and spoke to at-length about his time in the NFL as a closeted football player. He's also speaking about about his post retirement work with at-risk gay youth, while he campaigns for President Obama.

Here is what Davis told Outsports reporter Amy K. Nelson:


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