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Stray Dog Completes Over 1,000 Miles In Chinese Bike Race (VIDEO)

A stray dog, nicknamed “Xiaosa” completed a 1,700km (1,056 miles) journey from Sichuan to Tibet in China after joining a cycle race.

Cyclist, Xiao Yong, and his group of friends discovered Xiaosa bathing in the sun and threw a drumstick to the dog. Amazingly Xiaosa took to the cyclists and followed them on their journey across China, not once falling behind the cycling pack.

During the 20-day journey the dog climbed over mountains 5,000 meters high and braved changeable weather conditions.

Xiao Yong started a blog about Xiaosa’s adventures entitled “GOGO” which has amassed over 40,000 fans. Some users have likened the dog to Forrest Gump. 

Xiaosa has now been formally adopted by the cyclists and been declared in full health by a veterinarian.


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