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Tim Tebow's Dog Undergoes Major Name Change From Bronco To Bronx

With the recent trade from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets Tim Tebow had some issues to deal with. 

I'm not talking about finding a new home, or the power struggle he is going to have with Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. No, I'm talking about is puppy's name. 

Back when Tebow was at the Broncos, he bought a dog and fittingly named him Bronco. However, with the big trade to New York, Bronco felt a bit strange rolling off the tongue.

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So like any good father, Tebow changed his dogs name to Bronx. Now I'm not entirely sure why he has picked this borough, as Tebow will be playing in New Jersey and he is living in Hoboken but haters hate, 'cause he's sticking with it.

Unfortunately we were unable to reach Bronx for comments.


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