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Burning Man On Probation For Exceeding Population Limits

The Burning Man festival has been criticized from numerous groups in the past, but now Nevada’s Bureau of Land Management has placed Black Rock City LLC (the San Francisco based company that hosts Burning Man each year,) on probation for exceeding population limits by thousands of people.

This probationary status has gotten in the way of the recent proposal to gradually raise the number of tickets to 70,000 while also changing their permit status to five-year permits. Because of the probation the proposal has been prolonged, but according to Goodell they “are continuing the five year permit process” and assured her Burners that “The probation is under appeal.”

However if tickets are oversold at the 2012 Burning Man as well, Burning Man may not be able to continue in Black Rock Desert at all. As last year’s event sold out for the first time ever, 2012 will undoubtedly be a pressure on Black Rock City LLC to cap ticket sales. Hold strong guys!

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