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Tampa Bay Rays Fan Flips Over Railing, Sticks Landing (VIDEO)

Going to a baseball game is an awesome time.  Everyone is into the game (except for pink hats), drinking and having a good time.  But in the back of your mind, you're always thinking: I want a foul ball, and I will punt children out of my way to get it.  I will dive across three rows of seats, elbowing chicks like Metta World Peace in order to obtain the elusive glory of catching a hit foul ball.

This Rays fan at a recent match-up between Tampa Bay and Seattle took that mission to heart.  Disregarding the $7 draft beer in his hand and the concrete below, he took to the air in order to snatch a tumbling ball.  The result?  Some insult but no injury thanks to a perfect 10 landing:

I give this guy so much credit.  My thought process is always: "I want a ball, but only if it's hit directly at my hands."  He went above and beyond the call, sacrificing his liquid gold in exchange for a shot at glory.  Also, big kudos to the fan who actually got the ball and gave it to this hero.  It was a very selfless and generous act that you don't see too often at games.  I'm talking to you, Rangers douchebag fans who took a ball from a little kid and showed it off for all to see.

Nice attempt though Bromontana.  I'll give you a 6.5 for execution; that leap was aggressive but wreckless.  But definitely a 10 on the landing.  There was the serious possibility of a broken neck, you came away with a ball and probably a free brew from your buddies for the try.  Caps off sir.


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