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Ultra Thin... iPhone

I’ve read two different articles today about the possibility of a new super thin iPhone. 

Wired reports via CNN: “it looks like Apple could be back to trimming product dimensions by using a new kind of display technology in the next iPhone. Instead of using a display comprising a number of separate layers, Apple could use in-cell touch display technology, according to a Friday report from Digitimes.”

“Currently, the iPhone's "on cell" display is layered a bit like a sandwich (or if you're feeling like dessert, think of a trifle). At the very bottom, you've got the back light. Directly above that, the LCD section, which houses the red-, green-, and blue-colored pixels of the display. Then there's a layer of glass. By reducing the number of layers, you reduce the size and thickness of the device, making it thinner and lighter."

I don’t see what the obsession is with thinner, sleeker pieces of technology. Until recently I used a big ass Blackberry that hardly fit in my pocket- but it worked, and it was easier to keep track of.

Doesn't size matter any more? What happened to bigger is better?

iPhones are not condoms (not yet atleast… who knows what Apple will come up with next). Do they really need to be ultra-thin?


they'd have to rename it the iSnap...i would massacre that phone

How would you not break that?

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