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BoSox Weekly Wrap-Up With The Die Hard: April 9th - April 15th

Let’s face it: This 2012 Red Sox team is going to confuse the shit out of us. When a pitcher throws well (i.e. when Jon Lester threw a 8 inning complete game and lost), the bats just disappear. Coming home at 1-5, though, the Sox won three in a row against the playoff caliber Tampa Bay Rays – defying the odds and restoring the faith within their Red Sox faithful. 

We should remember that our beloved team started last year 0-6 only to play like the best team in the MLB for a couple of months (until they played like the worst team in the MLB during September, when it counted…). The offense has now found a spark, and the pitching seems to be coming together, as the Sox scored more than six runs in every game of the series against the Rays AND held the Rays to less than five runs each game - winning all three after losing two of three to the Blue Jays. 

Fenway Park Opening Day Ceremonies 2012

(Photo by flickr user misconmike)

It’s a hell of a time to be a Boston sports fan. The B’s are in the playoffs, the C’s are playing their best ball since 2010, and the Sox are turning things around. Summer’s just around the corner, and we’re lovin’ (and will surely be smellin’) that dirty water at this time of year. 

Here are this week’s Red Sox player awards: 

Best Hitter: David Ortiz is killing it right now. Big Papi usually doesn’t swing the bat well early in the season, but our DH is looking like a potential MVP candidate hitting .444 with 10 RBI’s so far.

Best Pitcher: This really has to go to Jon Lester again. He’s the only starter that has pitched consistently well, and he honestly understands that his team’s bullpen is in shambles and needs starters to step up and pitch a lot of strong innings – and he’s doing it. 

Jon Lester

(Photo by flickr user Keith Allison)

Biggest Surprise: Cody Ross has the perfect swing for Fenway Pahk. In the three-game series against the Rays alone he had two home runs and eight RBI’s. 

Biggest Disappointment: Daniel Bard is an egotistical prick: you NEVER say that you “pitched well” after giving up five runs. Regardless of how you felt, you gave up FIVE runs, and your team lost the game – all in all you did little to nothing right, sir. 

Unsung Hero: Adrian Gonzalez just plays ball. He never opens his mouth, he’s a great teammate, and most importantly he’s a great player. Getting this guy was Theo Epstein’s highest moment as a highly regarded Red Sox GM. 

Injuries: This shoulder injury to Jacoby Ellsbury could royally fuck up the lineup, but at least shortstop Mike Aviles has stepped up and is hitting well as Ellsbury’s replacement in the leadoff spot.

Jacoby Ellsbury

(Photo by flickr user Keith Allison)

Biggest Bum: Manager Bobby Valentine again – check out this ridiculous interview he did with WEEI. 

Coming Up: One more against the Rays on this Marathon Monday, then a duo of home series against the Rangers and the Yankees. Yikes. Three teams that all made the playoffs last year… 


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