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J.K. Rowling's First Adult Novel: 'Causal Vacancy'

J.K. Rowling has finally announced her first adult novel, 'Causal Vacancy', will be officially released on Sept. 27, 2012.

In her announcement this morning, Rowling divulged that the book will bet set in a small English town called Pagford, perfect on the surface, at war beneath it.

This "blackly comic" novel has received a lot of praise from book clubs and publishing houses. However, critics are worried that Rowling will be unable to fill the void in her novels left by the missing witches and wizards.

Now, the upside is that the widely popular Harry Potter series was read and watched by children as well as adults worlwide.  Still, this obstacle could prove to be a very difficult one to overcome.

Good luck, J.K.


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