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Welcome To The Future: Nate Dogg To Preform At Coachella

His legs may have given out, but the roof definitely hasn't come off yet, nor have the lights gone out because Nate Dogg is coming back from the dead to perform at Coachella. Unfortunately, it's only via hologram because I guess he hasn't figured out how to be undead yet, but all in due time.

Dre said he didn't feel right performing at Coachella without his late great friend, so I guess they've set up some hologram to make it look like he's really there. I can't decide if I think this is weird or dope, but I feel like if I were there I would definitely be leaning more towards 'dope'.  

If anything it's pretty cool to see all his real doggs still kick it with him, which is probably all he ever really wanted.


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