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Why It’s Unlikely You’ll Get Work Done On A Saturday

Your week of school ends, Friday night hits, and Saturday morning creeps up on us. We say, “I’m going to get work done today.” You start your laptop, open that blank Microsoft Word document and then proceed to stare at it for two hours. Here are some reasons why, and how you can avoid them:

Reason #1- Friends

How to Avoid This Problem? Well, other than not having friends, try to isolate yourself as much as possible. If you have to study or do your work in your room (and aren’t a fan of the library), try putting in some ear buds to block out the chatter of everyone else. If that doesn’t work, kindly tell people to quiet down!

Reason #2- Facebook 


How to Avoid This Problem? If your work requires you to use the Internet, yeah, you’re kind of in a pickle. Having one more open tab on your browser doesn’t seem like a big a deal, but after you find yourself creeping on all of the pictures from last night, a five second check of your notifications turns into creeping on a friend of a friend of a hot guy in a picture. So ask yourself, can all of the creeping and Facebook chats just be my reward for finishing my paper?

Reason #3- Food Trips

How to Avoid this Problem? Keep food in your room, or get delivery. Or, wake up late enough so you only have to go to lunch!

Reason #4- Television

watching tv

How to Avoid This Problem? Simply shut it off! If you’re like me and need background noise, that’s fine, but just be careful to pick something that isn’t interesting, or that you’ve already seen too many times. 

Reason #5- Sunday

How to Avoid This Problem? Well, you can’t get rid of Sunday, but you can always compromise and do half of your work Saturday and save the rest for Sunday. Just make sure you don’t have any commitments that allow you the time to finish! 


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