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Four Amish Men Drunkenly Crash Their Buggy Into A Police Car

We all know the saying don't drink and drive, right? How about the equally important saying don't drink and buggy? Yeah I haven't heard that saying since a "Your Mom" joke in middle school. 

According to HuffPost it's a saying that four Amish men from New York should have learned. The report claims four young adults drank some "moonshine", hopped into their speedy buggy and crashed into a deputy's car. 

The incident took place on Saturday evening about 80 miles southwest of Buffalo on a rural road in Sherman. The four unidentified men were driving their buggy down the road when they stuck the Chautauqua County Sheriff's patrol car and flipped their getaway vehicle on its side. The accident left the four men injured, according to the police.

It sounds like it was an all night bender as several other buggies fled the scene after the accident occurred.

The four patrons are now facing charges for underage alcohol possession. I guess these little punks have learned their lesson.


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