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A Glimpse Into The Future Of Smartphones

Have you ever gone to class to make a presentation and later realized that you came unprepared? Well, thanks to Samsung, you may never have to worry about this again. At the 2012 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Samsung announced that it is coming out with a smartphone they call the Galaxy Beam. The Beam is being marketed as a smartphone meets projector.

The Galaxy Beam looks like any typical smartphone, but with a slightly huskier body to it. The difference is when you flip a small switch on the side, a 15-lumen (a measurement of light) projector comes to life. From the sounds of it, it would boast quality over several projectors I have used. 

The Beam’s projector is said to have relatively good picture quality up to about 50 inches before any resolution is compromised. I don’t know about you, but that’s got a solid 8 inches on my TV. The Beam also boasts a substantial three hour battery life while projecting. I rarely take into account these battery life claims, as they typically fall shy. You may want to purchase an external battery, so when your projector dies, your phone doesn't go along with it.

The Beam is an excellent piece of technology and I am anxiously awaiting its release mid-year! 



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