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Pope Benedict XVI To Embrace Twitter

The Pope has taken to Twitter.

Unlike some Sunday sermons, Pope Benedict XVI has chosen not to enlighten and inform his followers through lengthy sermons, but inspire them instead with posts under 140 characters.  

The Vatican wants to inspire those who have abandoned the season of Lent.  While many Catholics see Lent as a time to volunteer, study the Bible or give something up, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications want's to target young people in an increasingly secular society.

The Council has come up with this new idea to focus hearts and minds on the challenges contained in Pope Benedict's 2012 Lenten message.

If this endeavors proves succesful then there is a strong possibility that the Pope's experimentation with social media won't just be confined to Lent.

In an interview with Vatican Radio, a rep for the Pontifical Council said, "Yes, I think a lot of attention is being given to the idea of seeing Twitter as a channel that could allow for a more direct and immediate way of sharing the nucleus of the Pope's thoughts on various occasions, so I don't think it'll just be confined to Lent."

Could this be the start of a new phenomenon? A phenomenon where students and others with hectic, irregular schedules can log into Twitter to get their daily dose of salvation?


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