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Hump Day With LuckyBloke: 5 Things Your Health Teacher Never Taught You

Your tenth grade Health teacher didn't share everything. Neither did your parents. Don't worry, SUMOskinny and LuckyBloke are here to help. Here are five more things you really need to know about the birds and the bees. 

1. Condoms are awkward. While we all support the use of condoms (if you haven't checked out our condom subscription company, LuckyBloke, do so now), however putting one on for the first, tenth or  even zillionth (lucky you!) time, it is always awkward. Make sure you are doing it right. Go ahead, practice alone. This way when the time comes you are prepared. 

2. Everyone has a pregnancy/ STD scare.  It is no big deal, seriously. Simply head over to Planned Parenthood (before the government shuts it down) and get tested. Better yet, get tested BEFORE you and your partner have sex. It is quick and easy and will put your mind at ease. As for the pregnancy test, it's two minutes of your life, then you know. You have options. Talk with you parents, Planned Parenthood or your personal doctor and make choices that are right for you, but again, always wear a condom. 

3. Condoms should be used for every sex act. STD’s don’t stop at “conventional” sex. But let’s be real. Normal latex isn’t the tastiest thing on the planet. However condoms have come a long way and now include some delicious flavors. One of our favorites is Vanilla from Glyde. Tastes just like a scoop of ice cream, only sexier. Pro tip- Make sure to change your condom when you switch it up from oral. You can rip it with your teeth, making the protection null and void from there. 

4. Condoms can be fun. Last week we brought you some of the most outrageous condoms available.  Make it a game with your partner and pick out a few wild ones to put in your LuckyBloke subscription. There are plenty of choices to make every night of the week interesting.

5. Know your size. Look guys, there is no reason to be shy about your size, after all we all know it’s not the size that matters, it’s the motion in the ocean. If you are wearing the wrong size, chances are you’re not as protected as you could be. Not sure what your size is? Don’t worry LuckyBloke has you covered.  Check out our handy toilet paper size guide-

Also check out this handy video from HBO’s Sex Inspectors.

For more on safe sex and condoms, head over to LuckyBloke and sign up for a condom subscription. No more awkward moments at the drug store. Discreet delivery to help you #GetLucky!

In the spirit of #GetLucky SUMO is giving away a variety pack of condoms to one lucky winner. Just fill out the information below for your chance to win. #GetLucky


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