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Fat Tuesday Is Going To The Dogs

We all know obesity is prevalent in humans, but did you know that nearly fourty-percent of dogs in the U.S. today are obese? And just like humans they have the risk of heart disease, a shortened life and arthritis. Dogs, just like you, need their exercise. 
Exercising helps both you and your dog(s). Once the dog is taken out a few times to run, walk or taken on trips to the dog park, they will start depending on you to follow-up with the routine. Thus, bringing you off the couch more often to exercise with them. After a while, they count on you. 
Something funny I came across was at the WebMD page: Who knew that dogs were capable of dancing and "doga"? I guess there is something for every dog, and every owner. 
WebMD has many great workout tips and ideas for activities that you and your furry friend(s) can start applying to your life today. So hop on the scale and set goals for each of you and visit to get ideas! 

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