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University Of Michigan Walk Of Shame Shuttle Is Genius

Why dear lord do I not go to the University of Michigan? There, they know the walk of shame can easily be avoided.

Students of University of Michigan, senior Kellyann Wargo, has got your back on February 15. For a mere $5 you can get a ride in the walk of shame bus, a bottle of water, a $5-off coupon for the "morning after" pill and a complimentary high-five. Just check out her flyer. (Of note- her Tumblr name is Ginger Ambition... she is a rock star.)

She tells Jaopnik, she came up with the idea thanks to her sort of skanky (no judgement) roommate.

"I was picking up my roommate from a guys house, for the upteenth time, and we did our usual ritual of going to McDonalds for breakfast to discuss a typical night of poor decision making. We were sitting in the booth drinking Poweraid and I was complaining, per usual, about having to pick her up all the time. She offered to start paying me and that was the ah-ha moment, how I could pick other girls up too and charge them for like gas money, then just put it toward bar tabs. I am one of the few girls in my friendship circles with a car so people are always asking me to pick them up or drive them somewhere."

Read the full interview here. 

My hat tip to you Wargo. 


Hahahaha this is so amazing

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