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Battle Of The Butts (Video)

It’s bad enough that Oneal Ron Morris, the 30-year-old transgender woman that was arrested last year for injecting a fix-a-flat, cement, and superglue mixture into women for butt enhancements, is on TV embarrassing herself, but her assistant Corey Eubanks is recently in the spotlight after a confrontation on the Spanish show Christina.

Eubanks was on Christina trying to clear his name when he was allegedly attacked by the mother of one of the victims Shaquanda Brown. The mother supposedly picked up a syringe and threw it at Eubanks, striking him in the head. Yesterday Eubanks filed a restraining order against the Brown family. According to the Miami Herald his lawyer, James Lewis, said that the Brown family was disrespectful because of the mother’s actions. The police summoned Brunetta Brown but she was not arrested and further actions will be made after police review the tape.

As the assistant of the fix-a-butt operation, Eubanks was allegedly the one responsible for making the appointments with the victims while Morris was the one giving the injections. Eubanks was also arrested for his involvement in the case. Morris was said to be her own advertisement because her own butt was abnormally big. Her mug shot displayed her gigantic backside as she turned left for the second picture.

Many of their victims had to have corrective surgery after the injections were made because the mixture caused physical deformation s in and out of the body. Both Morris and Eubanks are out on bail but they both stick with the story that they are innocent, denying the allegations against them.


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