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Philly Middle School Bans Fuzzy Boots

Pottstown Middle School threw down the gauntlet today, banning fuzzy open-topped boots because of rampant cell phone use by the school's teenagers.  The boots, including the curiously popular Uggz brand, allowed kids to stash phones in their boot tops and use them in class.  Somewhere, off in the distance, you hear the distant wailing of preteens and Southwest girls crying in protest.  Okay, maybe not girls from the Towers but we can all agree they're cut from the same cloth as teenagers.

Banning any kind of apparel is pretty insane if you ask me.  As one parent pointed out, it's really extreme to punish the collective for the misbehavings of the few.  I want to know what parent buys their kid a cell phone at that age.  I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 16; no ifs ands or buts.  My neighbors' oldest kid has a cell phone, and he's not even in the 6th grade yet.  WTF mate? You give a young brat a cell phone, they're obviously going to use it whenever they want and believe they're entitled to do so.

It leads into the big issue with the younger generation: a completely distant experience with person-to-person communication.  Our world is so flooded with social media that kids no longer need to go outside or leave their houses to be together; no more passing notes in class because you can sext your crush instead; Facebook is the new rumor mill, and boy does it destroy young lives.  Parents need to regulate their kids' exposure to technology and social media; they need to stop blaming society for their kids' issues.  Cowboy the fuck up and raise your kids before we're all doomed.


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