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Gronk Mic'd During AFC Game Is Pure Gold

I was listening to Toucher & Rich this morning and they had these soundbites from the AFC Championship Game, where tight end Rob Gronkowski had a microphone attached to him all game long.  If you know anything about Gronk, then you're fully aware of how hilarious this clip is about to be.  If not, watch and learn the art of Gronking.

gronk - Watch More Funny Videos

T&R said it today, and I fully agree: no one enjoys playing football more than Gronk.  I'm not even a Pats fan and I love this guy. He just busts his ass, breaks records, and smashes porn stars; totally broing out and not giving a single eff. This guy is a hero, and the sole reason I want the Pats to win, if only to hear him screech Ric Flair woo's all over the field after.


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