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People Are Spontaneously Combusting In Sweden

Add another, "things that you think aren't real, but are", tab to your list. Spontaneous combustion is looking more and more like the real deal. 

In Sweden last Sunday a man reportedly just burst into flames while standing outside of a train station. The incident also reportedly have several witnesses to back up the claim. 

According to The Local,  the police have no clue why this happened, or what the hell is going on. "”All we know is that it's a man. We have no knowledge of his identity, nor of his age or any motive or even the circumstances of the incident,” said police officer Åsa Andersson to local paper Göteborgs-Posten."

I know, you're thinking, come on something must have literally set up off. According to the witnesses, no. 

”He just stood there burning outside the shop. After a while he started screaming. There were a few people about but they just watched him. I ran up to him, tore my coat off and managed to put the fire out together with another guy."

The man is in serious condition and in a medically induced coma. We won't know the truth until he awakes. Even then, who knows. 

It is pretty funny that cops don't suspect foul play, but do suspect spontaneous combustion. I mean, yeah, I guess it does make more sense then "this guy tried to light a match and accidently caught on fire."


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