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Tuition Increases For College Students

Tuition: something all college students dread paying. Unfortunately, it’s not getting any cheaper. UNC-CH (and almost every other college, even in other countries) has been forced to cut costs once again and is looking at students’ tuition to bear the brunt of it. For in-state students, a 6.5% increase cap has been set in place, but officials want to sidestep it using a one-time clause it in order to make students pay more.


On Wednesday, the Board of Trustees passed a proposal that suggested a 15.6% increase for in-state students, a number most students find ridiculous and unnecessary. All tuition proposals must be submitted by December 9th and despite attempts by Student Body President Mary Cooper to devise a different plan of action, many officials think it is too late.

Raised tuition would help keep class sizes smaller, increase available classes, and give students access to more prestigious professors. But it’s thought that with a tuition increase, diversity will drop steadily, especially for low-income students that can hardly afford tuition as it is. Students have demonstrated their displeasure to UNC in a variety of ways; meetings, marches, and protests have all been organized in the name of keeping tuition low. However, it seems that the 15.6% increase is quite likely. But look on the bright side: now you have the whole year to finish off that 50-pack of Ramen since you can’t afford any other food!


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