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Turns Out, Getting Off Cures Everything

Everyone's heard rumors about jizz before, usually from guys, who are more than happy to support the theories.  I've heard everything from 'semen cures breast cancer', to 'semen has more protein than egg whites'.  But most guys will tell you just about anything if it will increase the chances of you swallowing their unborn's, so whose to say what's really true?  Well, for starters, SUNY Albany.

In 2002, Gordon Gallup, Jr. of SUNY Albany did a study on 293 women and found that the women who regularly engaged in unprotected sex scored significantly lower for signs of depression than women who had protected sex, or abstained from sex completely.  There was no significant difference in the levels of depression between women who has protected sex and those who abstained, leading to the hypothesis that semen may lower levels of depression.

But before we all go hitting it raw dawg, there are a few things to consider.  Now I don't know about you ladies, but I'd have to agree with the boys here that condoms don't feel good.  It's not even debatable that it's easier to get off when you're going skin to skin; so I'm a little skeptical of the fact that maybe these ladies going in sans rubbers are having better sex, more orgasms, and getting more dopamine releases on the regular.  

Similarly, not wrapping up is kind of a careless move, so maybe these ladies are just more care free in general.  Meaning their naturally care free, happy go lucky mind sets are leading them to engage in unprotected sex, and not that the unprotected sex/semen is making them happy & care free.

On the other hand, other findings from similar studies note that:

  • Compounds in semen may promote bonding between males & females, and serves as a male reproductive advantage
  • Three compounds in seminal plasma are estrogen, prostaglandins and oxytocin — all of which have been linked to lower depression levels and ease of social bonding.
  • Evidence suggests some women use unprotected sex as "a means of self-medicating," and that "semen withdrawal" exists.

While the findings are encouraging, and definitely worth some further investigation, I think it's pretty safe to say there's nothing more depressing than an STD, or unwanted pregnancy (I mean what a buzz kill, am I right?) so before you go out on a Bukkake Bonanza, make sure you and your partner are both tested, clean, and are using a safe effective method for birth control.  But once that's all taken care of, feel free to screw your way to brighter days, it's science.


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