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Boulder 4/20 Preview

Boulder has been a well-known host to the 4/20 marijuana-smoke-out for the past decade. While acting as a host for the events, the University has played an uninvolved role in the celebration in years past; neither condoning or halting the activities.

Around 8,000 people showed up last year, ranging from 10 to 80 in age. 80% of attendees were not CU students.

This year the school is cracking down, addressing the event as a liability and ruining of reputation. The school will be issuing tickets to anyone smoking marijuana on campus. In addition, they will be spraying fish fertilizer on the Norlin quad area that usually plays host to the events. To save face with the student body, there will be on-campus concert featuring Wyclef Jean. 

I found this to be very ironic considering that Wyclef Jean has openly endorsed the use of and legalization of marijuana. He even has a song entitled, "Something about Mary." Under the contract with the school, Wyclef Jean is not allowed to mention marijuana or 4/20.

It should be very interesting to see what transpires tomorrow. Many different scenarios are playing out in my head. Some have speculated that all the festivities will move to the Coors Events Center where the concert is being held. I think this would be a decent option as it is a student-only concert, so all the random weirdos would be kept out. Others are relying on the theory of "The power of numbers," in that the vast amount of smokers will so outnumber the campus police that they will be uncontrollable. I think this is likely if anything close to the 8,000 attendees that showed up last year are present. Cops can't issue 8,000 tickets, no matter if its on-campus or off. Nuff said. I'll keep y'all updated on what happens tomorow!


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