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Two Suffolk Students Are Pushing For Later T Service With Boston Stay Up

Have you ever been stranded late at night within a major city – alone with no (or little) money and no form of transportation? If so, you’re certainly not the first person this has happened to. Fortunately for us, two Suffolk University students are addressing this issue by making a push for later T service seven days a week with Boston Stay Up

Beantown Stay Up

(Photo by Flickr user lazytom)

“Boston is a world class city and a hub for education, medicine and culture. But, unlike other major cities in this country, our public transit system shuts down at some time. We want to keep the T running all night or at least two hours later to give residents and tourists a reliable way to get around later at night” says Joel Edwards, an undergraduate Entrepreneurship student at Suffolk University. 

Edwards partnered with undergraduate Marketing student Funsho Owojori in early February to launch Boston Stay Up. “It started out as a social media project… The purpose was to raise awareness, and as someone who has worked third shift in the past and is also a fan of nightlife, I have wanted the city to adapt its hours for a long time” adds Edwards, who states that this project isn’t solely a push to give college students an opportunity to drink longer on weekends. “Third shift workers and private business owners can benefit from this as well,” Edwards also stated. 

The vision of Boston Stay Up is that, in the end, it would like to see a few high volume bus lines and trains run for 24 hours. Edwards pointed to Berlin’s U-Bahn system as a city that has, in his opinion, the best public transportation system, considering it runs popular lines 24/7, offers wireless connectivity, and runs trains during rush hour every 2-5 minutes. 

“We need the public’s support to make this happen,” added Edwards, in order to see change in a city that quite often stops running their trains prior to 1:00AM – after which many people are let out of work. “Not only will it give employees a cost-effective way of getting home, later T hours give businesses the opportunity to generate more revenue.”

Edwards ended our conversation by saying that “When people make enough noise in an organized, emotional and logical way, change is inevitable” – and as a college student myself, I’m ready to help Boston Stay Up make some noise so that many peoples’ lives can be made a whole lot easier. Check out the official Boston Stay Up Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter @BeantownStayUp for more information. 



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