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PLSNCK, Bringing You Inside Boston Closets

Ever seen a girl walking down the street with a sick pair of shoes you just need to have, but are too afraid to ask her where she got them? No worries, PLSKNCK is here to help. (Please Knock)  is the brain child of Leah Freeman, Marketing Manager at Boston Magazine.  She brought to life, to bring high fashion, out of the closet, and into real life. After she explored my closet, (and made me look about 1,000 times cooler than I actually am,) I got to ask her all about where one of the best blog ideas I have ever heard of, came from. 

1. What inspired the blog? I have always been passionate about art and design and in each city I have lived, I have been inspired in different ways. I actually started a small t-shirt line when I lived in Los Angeles and in moving back to Boston last winter, I really got back in touch with my love for visual art and photography. It seemed like a perfect fit for me to combine my loves of fashion and design in this blog. I also try to give my viewers affordable options to everything that is featured via the “Find It!” section. Unlike a very similar blog, The Coveteur (which I love!), I want to showcase everyday fashionistas and affordable prices.

2. How did you come up with the name? Plsknck (please knock) is a look inside people’s closets and homes, so it felt like a good fit. I love the idea of exposing people’s personal and creative sides that are sometimes overlooked or kept private. Plsknck is a peek behind people’s closed doors.

3. How do you find your subjects? I started out by reaching out to friends and co-workers in the area. Recently, I have really gone outside of my comfort zone and found local fashionistas via Google searches and other blogs and websites that I like. It’s been a lot of fun going into strangers’ homes and having an excuse to rummage through their things. I am also meeting a lot of cool people!

4. What's your style bio? I love classic and simple styles with minimal accessories. I am really into color blocking and mixing patterns. These are two trends I hope stick around. I am getting better about adding bright colors to my wardrobe here and there, I usually stick with neutral and earth tones. Jill Stuart’s NYFW show was one of my favorites.

5. Favorite place to shop in Boston? It’s a long list, but The Tannery is one of my favorite spots. The one on Boylston Street for shoes and the Harvard Square location for dresses. They have the most beautiful clothing! It’s a tad pricey, but it’s a great splurge stop.

6. Best place for a bargain? I can really find great deals wherever I go, but the upstairs warehouse at French Connection on Newbury Street or the basement at Urban Outfitters in Harvard Square are some of my fav bargain spots. Forever21 is also great for finding cheap basics.

7. style icons? I’ve been watching a lot of Project Runway, so today it’s Heidi Klum. I also think Olivia Wilde and Miranda Kerr have great red carpet style.

Images via and Leah Freeman


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