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Not Your Average Dating Site, For Those Below Average

For some people (aka. me), the idea of dating makes them shiver. It’s not fun dealing with the awkwardness of seeing the person without strobe lights and disco balls, and realizing the only things you really have in common are vodka and Lady Gaga. The influx of online dating sites has not helped the issue either.

Do the pages of beautiful looking people make you feel intimidated? Imagine, just for a minute, that there was a dating site that did not consist of beautiful people with glamour shots. A site where a facial mole and a snaggle tooth are acceptable. Well, you are in luck!

The Ugly Bug Ball, or TUBB as they refer to themselves, is a British dating website that caters to the, um..."aesthetically challenged". They say “Ugly people have had a tougher life and therefore tend to be more considerate and more loyal-pretty people generally aren't very nice and tend to be a bit shallow." Recently they saw their first engagement.


 I don’t know if this is the most politically correct site, or if it's a joke, but either way it's a funny concept. However, I think you have to be pretty sure of yourself to join a site like this, and that confidence can actually be attractive. If you know anyone who might benefit from TUBB, or if you are tired of fishing for pretty people, I’m sure they will be happy to have you!


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