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Shaun White Naked Photos

Just in time for snowboard season, rumors are swirling that naked photos of Shaun White are about to hit the web.

TMZ reports, "Sources tell TMZ ... the photos were taken at a hotel party ... a short time before The Flying Tomato won a gold medal at the 2009 Winter X-Games for Superpipe. We're told several party goers managed to snap photos of the naked romp -- but we're told people close to White immediately tried to run damage control and told people to erase all of the pictures. Now, at least two of the pics have surfaced ... one featuring Shaun making out with a hot blonde chick in front of other people ... with their clothes on. The other pic shows Shaun with the same woman -- sans clothes -- in the middle of a missionary-style embrace on a bed ... with Shaun grinning at the direction of the camera."

1. These don't even sound sexy

2. It sounds more like someone busted into the room while they were doing it and less posed naked photo a la Scarlett Johanson. 

Who out there is interested in seeing these? 


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