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Drunk Woman Knees Cop In The Balls, Gives Herself Two Thumbs Up

A few days ago we introduced you to this gem of a booze hound, who rocked an "I'm wasted" t-shirt for his mug shot. Now meet his better half.


24-year-old Michelle Watson is quiet the feisty little minx. According to TSG, she

* Hit “numerous curbs” and drove on the sidewalk

* Said, “I don’t have to walk fucking anywhere” when approached by a cop

* Shoved an officer after declining to take field sobriety tests

* Had to be taken to the ground while scuffling with a cop

* Kneed a second officer in the crotch while being handcuffed

* Repeatedly cursed at police

* Kicked the inside of a squad car

Then took that awesome mug shot. Get it girl. 


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