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No Snacks, No Class: Professor Abandons Students For Not Bringing Nom Nom's

I can fully appreciate where this guy is coming from. Snacks are indeed the most important meal of the day.

Last Thursday Sacramento State professor George Parrott, up and left his psychology students because they didn't bring in snacks for the whole class to share, so he left and had breakfast with this graduate assistant instead.

According to the Sacramento Bee, "The professor said students are told of the requirement to bring snacks on the first day of class. A handout from the teacher is clear – "Not having a snack = no Dr. Parrott or TAs. Now you are responsible for your own lab assignment."'

Parrott said this is his way of encouraging the class to work collectively. 

"Having these goodies in the class breaks down some of the formality and some of the rigidity in the class, which is one of the most stressful for students," Parrott said.

However, many students are rather upset at his no snack-fueled rage. "Our education isn't worth food, it's for us," said Francisco Chavez, a student in the class."

Also, don't think any old snack will do. Parrott requires it to be nutritious or home-made. Oh, and Parrott may eat your snacks, but he doesn't contribute. 

Obviously this is only shit a psychology professor would pull. It's some weird test, so I would just go for it kids. When it doubt, carrot sticks.



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