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When it Rains, it Floods

Mother nature can be a bitch. Exhibit A: 

For the past couple of days, it has been raining and wet all over the northeast coastline. Salem State, in Salem, Massachusetts even closed because of flooding. 

"One of our school lots always gets flooded," student Jenny Saetang declares. "It's hard for students to go to school, get to class, a majority are commuter students.

Christine Hinch claims Salem, MA as her home and knows that when it rains, it means the students at Salem State know they won't have class.

"The school is on the main downtown street and that street is a hill so all the rain goes down either side," she explains. Public schools are also commonly closed and apartments are evacuated. (Click here to view Wicked Local news, based in Saugus, MA profiles the events of Tuesday well with these videos.

Since Salem State has only recently become a university, there are still a lot of improvements that need to be made. Maybe some pumps to release excess water into a nearby marsh would help? And a few more drains on the streets. Or, how about a parking garage!? Those are just some suggestions from area residents.

But it isn't just in Salem; the neighboring town of Peabody, MA has a problem with water on roadways during heavy rain. Downtown Peabody is the most commonly traveled route into Salem and as the highways surround this area, they too become flooded. You would think that a major interstate system would have some solutions figured out by now but there is still that problem as well.

Vermont also fell victim to this flooding after barely recovering from Hurricane Irene at the beginning of the fall. Roads and highways were shut down so if you're traveling that way in the coming days, check out this article ( highlighting what portions have been closed.


So what do you do in a flood, you ask?

1. First things first, get some rain gear so you can actually deal with the issues at hand. 

2. Make sure you live on a hill. But if you don't, befriend someone who does in case you are evacuated and, as a precaution, keep important things out of the lower levels in your home.

3. Have a generator or one of those handy kits with a flood light, radio, rope, knife, etc in case of power outages. 

4. Keep a blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, and granola bars in your car if you get stranded on a roadway waiting for rescue.

5. Last but not least, don't freak out! It may be scary, but having a panic attack will not help; it will leave you with less energy and not thinking clearly.


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