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New Zealand Batman Pissed That Someone Set Off The Bat Signal

Here I was under the impression that Batman hailed from New York, but nope we were all wrong. Turns out the crime fighter is from New Zealand. 

"A fake Batman has marched into Christchurch central police station demanding to know what emergency had triggered the "bat signal" - white light beaming through the sky."

- The opposite of this guy

What I wouldn't give to see this. According to TVNZ, "The caped crusader, dressed in full superhero garb of mask, cape and tights, was insisting that the White Lights of Hope, which commemorate the earthquake anniversary, bear an uncanny resemblance to the bat emblem that flashes through the night sky." 

Instead of just saying "there is no Batman," the NZ police had a much better explanation. "Sgt Jones, who was just clocking on when the hero arrived on Sunday, said he was too "scrawny" to make a convincing Batman, adding Robin would have to be "6 foot 4 and built like a tank to help him out".

The pip-squeak Batman then disappeared into the night. 


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