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Save Yourself from Red Riding Hood

Looking to see a comedy this weekend? Check out Red Riding Hood. Not kidding. That movie is hilariously bad. Sumo went to the press screening with an open mind, but the first fly over shots of the village made us want to throw up. So... it was off to a bad start. The movie (produced by Leo Dicaprio oddly enough) just never made it past this terrible opener.
The film follows the mystery of who is the big bad wolf that has been terrorizing the town for decades, eating their young and what not. Here are the problems I found with the film:
1. The town is set in some weird summer/winter season where it is constantly snowing but there are blooming flowers and everyone is wearing short sleeves.
2. It's a twilight knockoff.
3. There is no character development what so ever.

4. Little reds "grandmother" in the film looks like she is about 35 years old. 

The film is very visually appealing and colorful, but do not under any circumstances spend $12 going to see it. Wait until you can get it off netflix. Then have fun laughing your ass off at home. 


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