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Claps and Slaps

Anddd the Slap of the Week goes to: The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation & Enforcement. Why? Um, hello, because they just approved another oil company to begin drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

-anyone remember last time?

Noble Energy Inc. just received approval of their permit to resume drilling their oil well, according to the Huffington Post. The only reason they had to stop was because, well, another oil rig blew up in the same area. While the oil industry has put into place new safeguard and "rules," this is clearly not a good idea. It is understandable that lawmakers are under a LOT of pressure lately -- we've all been suffering from the gas and oil prices. But it seems like there is a huge issue with common sense here.

1. The only reason Noble had to stop their drilling in the first place was because BP's rig blew up. Can't you just feel the irony? The U.S. is literally just putting trouble back into the water. WTF. Oil companies have a significant amount of power in this country, and the U.S. is very dependent on them; as of right now, the country can't run without oil. But this is just a mistake waiting to happen.

2. Noble's well is going to be WAY deeper than BP's was. What this means: "In a worst-case scenario, the company told regulators its well could spill nearly 3 million gallons of oil per day into the Gulf. At its peak, the BP well spilled 2.6 million gallons per day." (  Whenever someone says "worst-case scenario," people think, okay, the chances of that happening are slim to none. Well, guess what? The worst-case scenario already happened, and it basically destroyed the Gulf. Anyone of this generation will remember for the rest of their lives the pictures of pelicans and turtles covered with oil and the breaking news every single day for 4 months that it was getting worse. It took a very long time to put a cap on that well. Now, imagine if a spill happened that was worse. . .

3. When something like this happens, it's as if everyone just forgot about the Go Green movement. As our society progresses, it is supposed to be finding renewable energy sources, oh, I don't know, like wind and solar power. Obviously, we can't get rid of oil completely, but we should sure as hell be using much less of it. Companies should especially not be hounding government officials to let them make more of a mess than they have already made.

Just incase any of you forgot what the spill was like, take a look at National Geographic:

It's been pretty clear for a long time that oil tycoons need a giant slap. But congratulations, U.S. Bureau of Ocean Management, because you have joined them, and you know get the Slap of the Week.


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