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The Celeb Skinny- What Happened to Christina Aguilera?

Let me begin by first saying I understand celebrities are regular people. They go through break ups, family drama, addiction problems, mid-life crisis’s, weight gains and losses, and any other human experiences like everyone else. That being said, what the hell is going on with Christina Aguilera?!

Aguilera's Genie in the Bottle days (

No joke, this chick has been, scratch that, was, my idol since she came onto the music scene. Whatever she did, from “Genie in a Bottle,” to “Dirrty,” to “Candyman,” I fully supported her because she could do no wrong in my eyes. However, things have gotten so bad with Aguilera that I can’t continue to condone her actions anymore. Even her music, which I thought I would always love and support, has become absolute shit. Do I even need to mention her most recent album, Bionic, was the worst she has put out in years? I slightly enjoyed maybe one or two songs on that album, and that’s just sad. Even when she morphed from the cutesy teeny bopper of her original debut to the black-haired, trashy dressing Dirrty girl, I STILL defended her and her talent.


Dirrty Xtina (

I have reached my breaking point with Christina Aguilera. Let me just list a few of the wrong turns she has taken over the past year or two:

1)     1. Let herself go reeeal bad and tripled in size.

2)      2. Divorced her hubby and baby-daddy, Jordan Bratman

3)    3.   Can’t stop slopping around the party scene
4. Butchered the National Anthem at this year’s Superbowl

5)5. Ate shit during her Grammy’s performance

Aguilera in 2011  (


And those are only the few things that the media knows about. God knows what else Aguilera has been screwing up in life. To top off this wonderfully embarrassing list of faux pas, Aguilera was recently caught doing the bad thing in a bathroom during a family party. That’s plain disgusting, no class whatsoever. How are you going to get down and dirty in a bathroom while your Grandma Millie is chilling on the other side of the door?

I guess this is my break up with Christina Aguilera. It’s a sad, sad day in my life, but it has to be done.


hahaha yup it was great, she flops to the ground then attempts to recover but fails miserably

Hahahaha she ate it during her Grammy performance? Man maybe I should start watching these shows.

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