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Wanna Sext?

Ever wonder about sexting etiquette? Well this silly little curly headed boy named Kassem, from Santa Monica, California, unfolds all the secrets and techniques to proper cell phone seduction. What's the right way to start the racy convo? Where's the line between decency and filthy? Should you start with a pic and a text? Just a suggestive pic or a full frontal? Just a risque message?

I'll let the video do the talking. One of the funnier things i've seen in a while. I legit, laughed out loud by myself.


I love at around 0:40 when he helps the poor homely girl with her hair in the wind.

Also visit for more of his whitty west-coast humor. Ah, if only there were simple funny guys like this in Boston! Come visit Kassem!



this had me DYING!

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