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SUMOskinny magazine is the ultimate guide to college life. Part local, part national, and all college.

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Journalism/Writing Internship

SUMOskinny is the ultimate guide to college life. Part local, part national, and all college. We deploy the best of the best to keep you in the know on all things happening on your campus, in your community, nationally and around the world.
We can’t keep our readers up to date on what’s #trending in college without our amazing writing correspondents. Our campus correspondents are 100% college students because they are the ones that know what their peers like best.
The SUMOskinny Writing Internship is a 10-12 week program that will enable college students to showcase their work through SUMOskinny. Writers will work with S/S’s professional editorial staff and online media experts to execute assignments in both a newsroom and assigned/freelance atmosphere. Writers will also be required to research local “hot spots” and gain knowledge on trending topics on campus and nationally. Their work will be reviewed and constant feedback will be given as they progress through the program.
The S/S Writing Internship offers students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in one of the most rapidly growing online college magazine organizations.
- Students will undergo training aimed at teaching them the most crucial elements of online publishing. The topics of the training will consist of: a) multimedia publishing, b) writing engaging content, c) optimizing text and headlines for search engine optimization, and d) mastering the art of timely publishing on the Internet.

- Interns will immediately begin publishing their works on SUMOskinny and will work with our editorial team to ensure they stay in the SUMO voice and tone. Students will develop columns on the site to grow their personal readerships. 

- Contributors can expect to publish three to six articles per week in both the local and national sections. (According to their schools credit requirement hours.) 

- Contributors receive weekly feedback for which reinforces the lessons and major news stories of that week. Contributors will also have the opportunity for direct feedback on their writing from their peers through article comment feeds. 

- Upon the successful completion of the three months, writers will receive a full report of the work they've completed, including articles that have performed well and received partnership placement. Recommendation letters and references from.

- SUMOskinny staff will also be available. SUMOskinny interns will always be considered first when paid writing positions become available. 


Students selected for the program will be writing about a wide variety of infotainment-related articles. These will include assignments related to national entertainment, news, sports, style and more as well as local coverage towards events, restaurant reviews, local sports teams and other areas that the writer has an interest in.
Writers should expect to devote between 10 and 20 hours a week toward their writing as part of the program. (Also dependent on what your school’s credit requirements are.)
There is no better way to learn as through real life experience. Writers will receive online media creation training from experts in the field and have the opportunity to use the guidance of S/S editors to formulate ideas and gain exposure to their work. Writers will gain newsroom training by working on deadline and will learn valuable search engine optimization tactics that will allow them to build a readership. Completion of the program will provide writers with an established portfolio that can be used, alongside resumes, to bolster job applications.
You'll gain advanced SEO training, build a portfolio, and get a ton of attention from our editorial staff.
Working for SUMO also comes with lots of social perks! Students are encouraged to socialize, attend events, pitch fun ideas and write all about them.
If you feel that you would make a great addition to your writing team please fill out our ONLINE APPLICATION HERE.