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The Wolverine Is Bound To Be A Box Office Hit (VIDEO)

If you're like me you LOVE Wolverine. He (other than Gambit) is the best and most badass character in the X-Men comics and he now has (another) feature film all about him.  Dropping this summer, The Wolverine is bound to be a box office hit. Read More

The Epic & The Beasts Video Is The Prodigy Child Of A Skateboarder And An Artist

It's like a genetically perfect skateboarder and artist made an even more perfect baby. Needing little introduction, The Epic & The Beasts is by far the most artsy and badass skate video I've seen in a long time.  Related: The Coolest Skateboarding Video You'll See All Day (Or... Read More

Here Is The Best (SUPER) Moonwalk You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

Michael Jackson popularized it. Everyone imitates it. But only one man (that we know of) can lay down the SUPER moonwalk. Seriously though, WTF. This is so awesome. It's like a full on superman run but in a moonwalk. If you can do better than this I'll give you $100. Seriously.

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Best Marriage Proposal Of All Time (VIDEO)

I hate this guy.  I mean let's be honest, he just ruined marriage proposals for every guy out there.  All our girlfriends are going to see this and be like: "oh honey that was so sweet, I would love that!!!"  Now we have to one up this motherlicker somehow. I don't have...

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Weekend Warriors: Largest Rope Swing (VIDEO)

In the hopes to find something fun to do this weekend I came across this video.  Deep in the mountains of Utah these thrill seekers strapped on some rock climbing gear, nailed a big ass rope to the top of Gods swing set and let it rip.

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Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer Hits

And it is fudging epic.  Game of Thrones was arguably the biggest breakout hit of 2011, and left viewers in awe at its bold plot moves (I won't spoil it, but if you haven't seen season one, watch it right now) and twisted story arcs.  Now, with the Season 2 premiere only months away...

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