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Commit Adultery With Online Dating Sites For Married Folk

If you want to be an adultress, there are websites to help you acheive your goal. That's right. Websites. With an "s". Meaning there is more than one. lets you "add some excitement to your life by having affairs... The possibility for adultery is endless on [their] casual... Read More

Money Well Spent: Lady Pays 42k For Her Husband To Meet Jeremy Lin

Linsanity has swept the nation and is making an incredible impact on wives everywhere. According to the NY Post the wife of a heavy-hitting Upper West Side lawyer has just paid over $42k for her husband to meet Mr. Jeremy Lin in person and keep is sweaty jersey. No seriously that... Read More

Mind F*ck of the Year (Already): Rihanna Feat. Chris Brown

Wow, it's official: I have absolutely zero respect or sympathy for Rihanna.  I used to feel so bad for her; she was clearly completely changed by her experience with Chris Brown (edit: getting the shit beaten out of her).  Now, she's pulling the weakest, saddest, most pathetic move...

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